The capital of Rwanda, Kigali is home to over 1 million inhabitants. It has a long history and was founded under German colonial rule in 1907. It became the capital of the country when Rwanda was granted independence in 1962. The city itself is built on hilly terrain and spreads out over the hills and valleys in between them. It is growing at an exceptional rate and the main hub for tourists coming in and out of the country.

For this reason, Kigali can be a fairly expensive place to visit. It is home to a few notable attractions which can be visited during some downtime. This includes the Genocide Memorial Centre and Museum (over 250 000 people killed in 1994’s genocide are buried here) as well as the Presidential Palace Museum. Other recommended activities include a walking tour of the suburb of Nyamirambo, a visit to one of the many art studios found in the city or perhaps try a sunset motorbike cruise.

For those more adventurous, try a hike up Mount Kigali for excellent views of the city as well as horse riding. Alternatively, partake in some of the local cuisines, sometimes scary looking, but always tasty! Of course, Kigali is the centre point for all trips to the rest of the country. Some amazing experiences can be found just a few hours from the city, including a visit to the gorillas found at Volcanoes National Park or the sheer variety of animals at the Akagera National Park, two and a half hours away.

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