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    Rwanda: land of a thousand hills

    With rolling farmlands, a vibrant patchwork of colors and lush forested mountains, Rwanda is often referred to as the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’. Despite its troubled past, the country is home to the most welcoming people you might ever encounter. For many visitors, trekking the magnificent mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park is the wildlife experience of a lifetime and a short gorilla trek combines perfectly with a safari in Uganda, Tanzania or Kenya.

    There are direct flights running between Nairobi and Kigali daily and you can be at your wonderful lodge overlooking the Virungas within 3 hours by private road transfer. Rwanda is a country rich in history and culture and whether you take a tour of Kigali city and Genocide museums, the lakes and waterfalls, soak in the spectacular beach and shoreline of Lake Kivu, or marvel at the prolific numbers of bird species in Nyungwe Forest, you will be delighted to discover that the scenery here is as diverse as its history and a visit will inspire and amaze you in every aspect.

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