Meet The Team

Highly sociable, friendly and incredibly loyal, our troop works as a close knit group to ensure all of our clients are given the experience of a lifetime. Every member of our troop is hand picked and we believe that we have the best guides in Rwanda and Uganda. When it comes to gorilla trekking specialists, we are the King of the Jungle!

So yes, we often get overly passionate, go bananas and beat our chests, especially when we get great feedback from our clients (which happens a lot!) but at the end of the day we are all incredibly lucky to be doing something that we love!

Back at Base

John at the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

John – Founder & CEO

Donna-Marie – Senior Safari Designer

Amanda – Client Services Manager

Megan – Travel Coordinator

On Safari


Mugabe has been a safari tour guide in Rwanda for seven years.

Favourite Memory: Witnessing a main silverback fighting with another silverback over a female.

Favourite Location: Ruhengeri town because of its breath-taking views of the Virunga Volcanoes.

Outside of work, he enjoys watching documentaries on wildlife and playing soccer.


Eric has been a safari tour guide in Rwanda for four years.

Favourite Memory: Coming across a big pride of lions three times in two days.

Favourite Location: Akagera National Park because of its climate and wildlife.

Outside of work, he enjoys socialising and having fun with others.


Mbabazi has been a safari tour guide in Rwanda for six years.

Favourite Memory: Guiding a group with hearing impairments and satisfying their needs.

Favourite Location: Akagera as it is home too different species from the ‘Big Five’.

Outside of work, he enjoys watching football, as well as spending time with family.


Kevin has been a safari tour guide in Rwanda for ten years.

Favourite Memory: When a silverback charged towards him and stood staring for almost 20 seconds.

Favourite Location: Nyungwe National Park because of scenic views and Colubus Monkeys.

Kevin is a devoted family man and enjoys dance and weight lifting. We call him the Silverback!


Edmond has been a safari tour guide in Rwanda for eleven years.

Favourite Memory: Witnessing a huge herd of 30+ elephants as they walked right past the vehicle.

Favourite Location: Both savannah parks and rainforests because you have a different experience everyday.

Outside of work, he enjoys cycling, playing volleyball and reading educational books.


Jude has been a safari tour guide in Uganda for several years.

Favourite Memory: Showing clients all of the mammals or birds that are on their wish list.

Favourite Location: At the top of the falls in Murchison Falls National Park because of the beautiful scenic views.

Jude has a fantastic dry sense of humour and can spot birds before clients – even without binoculars!


Amos has been a safari tour guide in Uganda for ten years.

Favourite Memory: Witnessing a female hippo giving birth to her beautiful baby calf.

Favourite Location: Kidepo Valley National Park, Bwindi, due to the abundance of wildlife.

Outside of work, Amos enjoys playing football with friends and swimming.


Ismail has been a safari tour guide in Uganda for eleven years.

Favourite Memory: Witnessing the rare occurrence of mountain gorillas mating whilst trekking in Bwindi.

Favourite Location: The Crater Lakes in the Rift Valley; the beauty is breathtaking.

Ismail has a kind and gentle nature, guaranteed to make you feel at ease. He is also a talented photographer!


Emma has been a safari tour guide for 14 years.

Favourite Memory: Being touched and charged at by a Mountain Gorilla.

Favourite Location: Bwindi Forest and the views of the volcanoes from Nkuringo Lodge.

Emma speaks 19 tribal languages and is a wealth of facts and figures, so go ahead and test him!


David has been a safari tour guide in Tanzania for several years.

Favourite Memory: Viewing elephants because they will always pose for photographs.

Favourite Location: All National Parks because of the different game-viewing opportunities.

Outside of work, David enjoys taking pictures, traveling and going to the gym to stay healthy and fit.