Wildlife Safaris

Uganda offers a unique experience with a multitude of possibilities. Much of Uganda’s tourist industry is dominated by Lake Victoria, the biggest lake found on the continent of Africa as well as gorilla trekking, the perfect way to see the incredible mountain gorillas of the country. That said, it also offers excellent safari options, many of them very different from other areas of Africa.

Take Kibale National Forest Park, for example. Found in the south of the country, this national park is 766 km2 in size and offers a diverse range of ecosystems, from tropical rain forests to swamps as well as grasslands. This leads to an incredible range of animals calling the national park home. Not only will you find 13 different primate species but around 57 other types of mammals as well including elephants, warthogs, buffalo, various buck species and a range of reptiles. And then there are the birds – over 375 different types including the famed African grey parrot. Kibale offers a remarkable safari experience, very different from other parts of the continent.

For a more traditional safari experience, a visit to the Queen Elizabeth National Park is a must. This park is teeming with a variety of wildlife thanks to a range of ecosystems including savannah, swamps, meadows and tropical rain forests. Not only that, but it is one of the most beautiful found in Africa, with the Rwenzori Mountains serving as an incredible backdrop. In the park you will find antelope, elephant, baboons and chimpanzee to name but a few of the animals. The lions found in the Ishasha area even climb trees as a way to surprise their prey! The park is also an excellent place to visit for bird lovers with over 600 species calling it home.

Finally, at 3480 km², Murchison Falls is the biggest reserve found in Uganda. Also blessed with four unique ecosystems, Murchison Falls is named after a waterfall where the Nile flows through a small gorge before cascading 43 metres downwards, a truly beautiful sight. With around 109 difference mammal species, a wide variety of birds and the biggest crocodile population in Uganda, Murchison Falls offers a great safari experience.

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