Queen Elizabeth National Park

With over 1978km² of terrain, the Queen Elizabeth National Park, found in 1952, is well known in Uganda for its bountiful wildlife. It is easily the country’s most popular tourist destination because of this, although its unique and beautiful terrain certainly plays a part.

With the spiky Rwenzori Mountains as a backdrop, the park offers visitors simply stunning views. It features a range of ecosystems including tropical forests, meadows, savannah, and swamps. Many ancient volcanic cones and craters are scattered amongst the parks picturesque hilly terrain, while salty crater lakes such as those found at Katwe and endless plains filled with fig trees abound. These fig trees at Ishasha hold a surprising secret. It is here that the black mane tree climbing lions wait to ambush any suspecting prey. Their tree climbing ability has made them one of the prime attractions in the park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is also home to a range of other animals such as the Uganda kob and other antelope species, African elephant, baboons, hippos, warthog, buffalo and troops of chimpanzees. The park has well over 600 species of bird and is a popular destination for birders from all over the world. Expect to see over 11 kinds of kingfisher, black bee-eaters, Shoebill storks, raptors and of course, a range of birds of prey. Beautiful flocks of pink flamingos tend to congregate around the crater lakes found in the north of the park.

There is lots to see and do in the park and many incredible places to visit. These include the lookout point at Katwe, the Kasenyi Plains, the Kazinga Channel, and the Maramagambo Forest. Activities include chimpanzee tracking, game drives, a bat cave with viewing area in Maramgambo Forest, nature walks, hiking trails and cultural encounters with the local Banyaraguru people. There is much to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park, so plan on spending a few days to see it all!

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