Nkuringo Orphanage and Bright Future School Sponsorship

History about the school

Nkuringo Orphanage Centre and Bright Future School is an initiative in Uganda that houses and educates many children near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The school started off by educating just 10 children and now there are over 300. The school was formed by Arthur Kajubwami in 2005 because he became worried about the number of children who were being overworked, sleeping on the roads or being forced to leave home due to a family illness or tragedy.

The school was created to provide skills in the main curriculum as well as learning skills for employment such as tailoring, bee keeping, farming, animal care and more. These skills can be vital for when they leave the school and this training is the only form in this area and the only way, they will have a life outside of farming.

How to help

Often when our clients travel with us, they will be shown around the school and see the wonderful work that Arthur has done, and when they return, they commonly ask how they can help the different initiatives around Bwindi. Most of them will donate money to fund desks for the children, or send them gifts including school supplies, sports equipment and even clothing.

One way someone can really help the school is by sponsoring a child. Just a small sum of money can help change their life as due to the high number of children in need of Arthur’s help not all of them can attend the school due to the high price. Many of the children are orphans which in Uganda means that they either don’t have any parents, or only one parent. The school accommodates around 232 orphans and vulnerable children between the ages of 4 to 14, most of which are in need of sponsorship.

Our sponsorship

We at The Gorilla Safari Company are delighted to announce that we have sponsored a six-year-old boy named Junior. He will be boarding at the school and have all of his equipment and clothes paid for him by us. Sponsoring a child is a beautiful experience as we are now going to have updates on how Junior is doing in school and have some photos to remind us how honoured we are to be sponsoring his education. Junior is an orphan as he has lost both of his parents, and he and his younger brother live with their aunt. Due to the location of this house Junior is having to board at the school in order to get the education he deserves, as it would be too far to travel.

Junior has a younger brother called Joab who is three years old. Joab is also looking to attend Nkuringo School and like his brother would have to board there. Joab is still looking for a sponsorship to make this possible, for $300 you could board Joab at the school, pay for his education, clothes and school equipment for the year. We are so excited to have updates on Junior and watch his school life through Nkuringo School to give him a better life.

Junior and Joab