Lake Victoria

Discovered by explorer John Henning Speke in 1858 as he searched for the source of the Nile, Lake Victoria is one of the Great Lakes of Africa. It is the largest tropical lake in the world and covers an area of 68,800 km2. This also makes it the second largest freshwater lake after Lake Superior.

It is situated in the eastern portion of Central Africa and, in fact, borders Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, with the largest portion found in Tanzania. At points, Lake Victoria is up to 84m deep, but on average its depth is around 40m.

Lake Victoria is home to a range of fish species, around 270 in fact. Of course, its shores are filled with communities who rely on the fish as not only a source of food, but income as well.

The island of Rubondo, situated in the Tanzanian section of the lake is a National Park. Here you will find a range of animals. These include elephant, giraffe, chimpanzee as well as close to 400 species of birds.

The Ugandan section of the lake includes the Ssese islands. Although these do not have much wildlife on them, they are an excellent area for a bit of relaxation. The local fisherman here are very friendly as well. Finally, Ngamaba Island, also in Ugandan waters has a must-visit home for orphaned chimps. These have specifically been brought in from circuses and zoos and now roam the island freely.

Other activities on the lake include bird watching, fishing, boat trips and visiting the various local villages for a cultural experience. Take note, never swim in the lake. Sections of it do have the Bilharzia snail and it is extremely easy to contract the disease.

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