Kazinga Channel

Found in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, the Kazinga Channel connects two lakes; Lake George in the east and Lake Edward in the west. This impressive body of water is around 32km long. The two lakes themselves could not be more contrasting. Lake George covers an area of 250km² and is no deeper than 2.4 metres while Lake Edward is a massive 2000km² in size.

The channel itself is a haven for many of the animals found in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is well known for its very large population of hippos, one of the biggest found anywhere in the world. Nile crocodiles are also live here in abundance. There is a range of other animals including elephants, Nile monitor lizards, buffalo as well as various other buck. In fact, over 95 different mammal species can be found in the park, with many of them along the shores of Kazinga. If you are lucky enough, you may even get to see an elusive hyena.

For bird lovers, the channel is a real treat. Over 60 species can be found along its length, including a number of migratory birds, which obviously cannot be seen all year round. Species include kingfisher (11 types) many different falcons, pelicans (both white and pink-backed), African shoebill, Yellow Billed stork, cormorants, darters, jacana, crake and various types of stork. The African Fish Eagle also calls the channel home, feeding off the abundance of fish found here.

Tourists often choose to experience the channel and its bountiful wildlife by boat. This is a relaxed way to see the wildlife in their natural habitat, from as close as 75m. Other activities in the park include chip tracking in Kyambura Gorge as well as guided tours in the Maramgambo Forest. Many local fishing villages can be found along Kazinga and are well worth a visit to see the local way of life.

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