Kazinga Channel Boat Cruises

A boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel is a memorable experience. This channel, lcoated in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, connects two separate lakes in a 32km stretch across Uganda. These lakes are Lake George, a small 250km² body of water in the east and Lake Edward, close to ten times its size, covering 2000km².

Any trip to this beautiful park is not complete without a trip along the Kazinga waters. Here, you will see much of the wildlife the park has to offer, especially as they use the channel as a primary source of water. It is home to the biggest population of hippopotamus in Africa. These impressive beasts wallow in Kazinga’s waters, moving slowly along during the day. Most of the time, they are submerged to offer protection from the sun but with so many around, no doubt you will be able to gauge their impressive size as they move nearer the banks in the afternoon. At night, these animals actually return to the shore to graze.

Other inhabitants that you will catch a glimpse of during your boat trip include crocodile and a range of fish species, a primary source of food for the locals. It is along the banks of the channel, however, that the slow moving boat will allow the best wildlife views. In fact, almost every animal in the Queen Elizabeth National Park can be spotted here at various points during the day. These include monitor lizards, elephants, buffalo, various antelope and even a range of predators who make their way to the water to drink during the afternoon. With a little luck, you may be able to see lion, hyena and leopard, not to mention a range of bird species including the majestic African Fish Eagle. You may even see the spectacular site of one hunting in the channel.

Boat cruises are offered in the mornings and afternoons and range from two to five hours. Not only will you be able to take in the beautiful scenery at a leisurely pace but the sheer variety of animals and birdlife will have your camera in overdrive.

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