Gorilla Conservation Update

We are sure that you have all heard about the fact that Mountain Gorillas are no longer critically endangered, which is incredible news! The news was announced earlier this week, it is confirmed that there are over 1000 Mountain Gorillas being protected and we are hoping the figures will stay that high.

However even though these figures are fantastic, the mountain gorillas are still very vulnerable and we want to do everything we can to keep them happy and healthy.

Gorilla photo by Carpenter.

There are now over 1,000 gorillas in the Virunga National Park, Volcanoes National Park & Bwindi Forest. Virunga covers around 450km² across Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and a small area of Uganda called Mgahinga Park. The area in Rwanda is known as the Volcanoes national park. Both Virunga and Bwindi parks have seen a significant increase in gorilla populations in the last 25 years, with numbers doubling since 2003. Tourism also increased quickly, and Rwanda became the ‘first choice’ option for gorilla trekking and those wishing to follow in the footsteps of Dian Fossey.

Mountain Gorillas can live up to 45 years old, and the increase in population means more groups are created. As they grow and separate into sub groups conflict arises between groups and although poaching in Rwanda has been eradicated, the sad fact is that the biggest cause of gorilla mortality is fighting between each other. Real estate is a big deal if you have a growing family!

In 2018 the Rwandan government increased trekking permit prices to $1500 in order to reduce visitor numbers and transfer funds towards re-forestation. Extra funds are also being channelled into the community and eco-projects. When conservation powerhouse Wilderness Safaris expressed interest in opening a new eco-lodge in Rwanda it is clear why the offer was gratefully accepted. The Wilderness Safaris portfolio already champions a perfect harmony of luxury accommodations in Africa with wildlife and community focus.

Gorilla photo by David Udlesman

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