Golden Monkeys: The often-forgotten primates

Gorilla or chimp trekking is often on the wish list for many of our clients but very few people ask about trekking the golden monkeys. If you are thinking of visiting either Rwanda or Uganda though we can wholeheartedly recommend this activity for an up-close insight into these playful, mesmerising, and rare creatures.

The golden monkey (so called because of their golden fur) can be visited by tourists in the rain forests of Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda (Uganda’s smallest national park). They live in the bamboo forests located in the lower areas of the Virungas so are often easier to reach than the gorillas.

Golden Monkey Trekking

Golden monkey trekking can be done all year round although the ideal times are during the dry seasons of June – September and December – February.  Permits are far cheaper than those needed for gorilla trekking. Golden monkey permits are $100 per person both in Rwanda and Uganda making it an affordable activity and a perfect additional experience to your gorilla trekking adventure. Younger children can also join in this activity as it is available to anyone over 12 years compared to gorilla trekking which is from 15 years of age.

Tracking the golden monkeys takes place first thing in the morning and as with gorilla trekking you are briefed at the park headquarters and accompanied by a local ranger. Unlike gorilla trekking, group sizes are not limited but the time you spend with the golden monkeys once you find them is also restricted to one hour. For this hour though, you will be in the midst of it all with them leaping above you from perch to perch, chasing each other along the branches and feeding on the bamboo leaves. They are lots of fun to watch and there are plenty of opportunities for golden monkey selfies!

Time allowing, we recommend adding this activity onto your gorilla trekking vacation. Golden monkey trekking allows you to not only spend more time exploring these stunning rainforests but also to witness first-hand the joy in seeing these cheeky and playful primates in their natural habitat.

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