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Gorilla Safari specialists

As Gorilla safari tour specialists The Gorilla Safari Company provides a diverse range of the highest quality Gorilla experiences. Our Gorilla safaris are specifically crafted to your requirements, with the aim to provide an insight into the lives of these extraordinary endangered animals, an experience that will leave you breathless at their majesty and your heart pounding with excitement.

From the lush Forest slopes to the shady bamboo forests, you are enveloped in arguably one of the most mysterious, intimate settings to witness the power and peacefulness of these most tolerant giants. It is impossible not to watch in awe as the young Gorillas playfully swing on branches, mothers gently tend to babies, and the ever watchful Silverback surveys the scene, allowing you to share in this unique family moment.

The Gorilla Safari Company specialises in providing high quality scheduled and private tours to the National Parks of Uganda and Rwanda; two of East Africa’s most spectacularly scenic countries. A visit to this part of the world provides a unique opportunity for a privileged few to spend priceless time with the last of Africa’s Great Apes.

Our Gorilla Safaris focus on the highly endangered Eastern Mountain Gorilla, of which there are less than seven hundred remaining, and these magnificent primates are found only in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Within these three countries there are primarily two habitats which support the Gorillas and where families have been habituated; The Virunga Mountains which bestride Rwanda, Uganda and Congo and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. We also offer tailor-made tours to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Unlike many tour operators the Gorilla Safari Company has a completely independent approach as we are not associated with particular safari lodges or safari camps. This freedom means that we can suggest any properties and locations based on your ideas and preferences rather than any necessity to fill beds or follow a set itinerary. We specialise in high quality Gorilla safaris and hand-pick every lodge so your experience is one of luxury from beginning to end. Every itinerary we design includes a private guide and safari vehicle throughout and should you wish to continue your Gorilla trekking adventure with a safari you will be in safe hands with our expert private guides who share in our passion for these extraordinary locations. It is of the utmost importance to us that your time in Africa is a safe, exceptional and unforgettable experience.

“I will only have my phone on for a few minutes but I had to write you a quick note to let you know that our vacation in Uganda and Zambia was beyond thrilling, beyond beautiful, beyond life changing”. Cliff,Los Angeles, CA

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